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You are currently viewing 4 COURIER MISTAKES – AND HOW TO AVOID THEM?


We know that nobody want to pay more charges for any courier, so we want to share with you some important facts to avoid costly mistakes at the time of booking any courier or parcel.

MISTAKE #1: Wrong Number
Always give a right Contact no. or Order No. which can helps to find you and pickup your parcel from your door step. Because many of Couriers clients have us pick up at manufacturers. If our colleague go to the company and we have Wrong number then it is difficult to find the right package. Then we call the office , call the client and get the number which can take lots of time and your courier get lots of time in delivery. And if we don’t deliver your parcel on time that is not great for our market reputation.

So, the solution only is always provide an Identify order number and contact number or if possible always double check them.

MISTAKE #2: No Contact
Always provide a right contact details of each side sender and receiver. If you provide wrong detail or forget to put the detail any of them, then it will very difficult to us to delivery the parcel. So it is very important to give right details on courier for both sides.

MISTAKE #3: Secrets
If you have any secrets details about parcel so please share with us which can help us to deliver your parcel at your destination very soon. And if your parcel have other secrets like type of parcel and any special instructions about your parcel then always share with us because it will help us a lot to handle your parcel and helps deliver your parcel ontime.

MISTAKE #4: Closed?!?
Some time Receiver’s or Companies are not available on delivery time because of some reasons like close for lunch break or not available at delivery address. In this case our delivery Man come back for re-delivery which incurs the cost of parcel which is total loss for us So if you have any type of additional information about parcel delivering then always share with us because it help us to deliver your parcel ontime and safely.

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